What Pfizer's landmark COVID vaccine results mean for the pandemic

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Scientists criticize use of unproven COVID drugs in India

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COVID research updates: The coronavirus can mutate swiftly in one person's body

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New polio vaccine poised to get emergency WHO approval

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NASA 'fist bumps' an asteroid to reveal Solar System's secrets

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How anti ageing drugs could boost COVID vaccines in older people

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First room-temperature superconductor excites and baffles scientists

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What China's speedy COVID vaccine deployment means for the pandemic

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COVID updates: Dense cities should brace for long coronavirus outbreaks

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Last chance for WIMPs: physicists launch all-out hunt for dark-matter candidate

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Life on Venus? Scientists' hunt for the truth. Click here for details

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Original Article | 10.5455/im.89361

Original Article | 10.5455/im.89959

Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in school going children of eastern Nepal: a cross-sectional study

Seraj Ahmed Khan, Bishnu Pokharel, Tarakant Bhagat, Bishal Raj Joshi, Suman Sapkota, Bijaya Mishra, Madhab Lamsal

Original Article | 10.5455/im.114252

Tracking and association of body weight and body fat in elementary school children

Klaus Greier, Clemens Drenowatz, Hannes Gatterer, Herbert Riechelmann

Review Article | 10.5455/im.100325

Mechano-sensitive ion channels and epilepsy

Betul Koklu, Arda Kaan Uner, Ayse Kristina Polat, Enes Akyuz

Brief Report | 10.5455/im.114251

Posterior mediastinal paraganglioma: the experience of Kasr Alainy Thoracic Surgery Unit

Waleed Adel, Tarek Mohsen, Ramadan Mansou, Ahmed Naem, Ashraf Helal, Ahmed Saber

Case Report | 10.5455/im.85815

Fifteen years of recurrent ameloblastoma: outcome of disease after reconstruction with fibula free flap

Anasuya Guha, Maria Gregova, Josef Sebek, Jitka Levorova, Rene Foltan

Case Report | 10.5455/im.81589

Unusual presentation of cognitive disorder in a young adult: a case report

Navas Nadukkandiyil, Maryam Obaidely, Shirmila Syamala, Sanjeevikumar Meenakshisundaram, Hanadi Khamis Alhamad

Case Report | 10.5455/im.87542

Choroid hemangioma: primary tumor or reactive angiomatosis?

Aleksandr Valentynovych Artemov, Sergii Viktorovyh Vernygorodskyi, Yosyp Romanovych Saldan

Case Report | 10.5455/im.96813

Pseudolymphoma of the liver: a case report

Marina F. Pezzini, Nelson D. Suarez, Dvora Joveleviths, Carlos Thadeu S. Cerski

Case Report | 10.5455/im.98258