How a rampant coronavirus variant blunts our immune defences

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Antibody-laden nasal spray could provide COVID protection and treatment

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A complete human genome sequence is close: how scientists filled in the gaps

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Failure of genetic therapies for Huntington's devastates community

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Pfizer COVID vaccine protects against worrying coronavirus variants

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How many COVID deaths are acceptable in a post pandemic world?

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International COVID 19 trial to restart with focus on immune responses

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COVID antibody treatments show promise for preventing severe disease

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Rare COVID reactions might hold key to variantproof vaccines

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First known gene transfer from plant to insect identified

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Long awaited muon physics experiment nears moment of truth

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The challenging role of hepatitis B virus infection and aflatoxin exposure on risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in Turkey

Gulfer Yakici, Illa Lawali Na Nawache, Defne Ay Tuncel, Figen Doran, Suleyman Altintas, Melda Meral Ocal, Fatih Koksal

Original Article | 10.5455/im.46623

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Frequency and etiology of nosocomial infections in a pediatric intensive care unit

Amer Custovic, Jasmina Smajlovic, Edin Husaric, Rahima Jahic, Fejzo Dzafic, Omer C. Ibrahimagic

Case Report | 10.5455/im.59761

Glucose-lowering efficacy of Xultophy with low doses by FreeStyle Libre as continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

Takafumi Kawata, Hiroshi Bando, Yoshinobu Kato, Yoshikane Kato, Setsuko Kanazawa, Etsuko Sueki, Hiroe Kanagawa, Atsuko Kawahito, Aya Aihara, Ayako Fujii

Clinical Image | 10.5455/im.38116

Splenic abscess and accessory liver fissure: When anatomy meets surgery

Serghei Covantev, Rasul Uzdenov, Kseniya Zabudskaya, Olga Belic