Case Report

Fifteen years of recurrent ameloblastoma: outcome of disease after reconstruction with fibula free flap

Anasuya Guha1,3, Maria Gregova2, Josef Sebek3, Jitka Levorova3, Rene Foltan3

1Department of Otorhinolaryngology, 3rd Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
2Institute of Pathology, 1st Faculty of Medicine and General University Hospital, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
3Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Institute of Clinical and Experimental Dental Medicine, 1st Faculty of Medicine and General Universit


Ameloblastoma is a benign tumor, constituting 10% of all odontogenic tumors of the jaw. It occurs more frequently in the mandible than the maxilla. A variety of histological variants can be found although the commonest of all is plexiform and follicular. Due to the high recurrence rate after extirpation, curettage or enucleation, radical resection is the most preferred method of treatment. Here we present a patient with a long-standing history of recurrent ameloblastoma of the mandible. He had repeatedly chosen to have a conservative approach than a radical one due to his profession, which finally led to long term carriage of disease. We endeavor to show the course of the disease through histological findings and radiographical outcomes after treatment. Finally, successful results were obtained on the resection of the tumor and reconstruction of the defect. No recurrence was observed.

Keywords: follicular ameloblastoma, odontogenic tumor, plexiform ameloblastoma, recurrence