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What is Dermatographia?

Dermatographia is a skin disease that makes the skin make lines that look like pencil marks. You can see these lines all over your body, from your head to your toes.

Dermographia is a rare disease that affects about one person out of 10-15. Women and children are most likely to get it, and no one knows what causes it. This disease has different symptoms depending on where the lines are, but they usually show up in clusters or groups of three.

This disease happens when the immune system reacts in a strange way to a dead or dying skin cell. In some cases, there might not be a clear reason for this reaction, and dermatographia might just happen by chance without any other causes.

What does Dermatographia look like?

In dermatographia, the person feels the need to scratch their skin over and over again. Scratching makes the skin break out in a rash and bleed. This disease is not contagious, and most people only have one or two episodes of having to scratch themselves over and over again.

Most common dermatographia symptoms:

  • The need to scratch oneself
  • A rash with small, shallow bleeding and/or eczema.
  • A burning feeling near the fingertips.
  • Being unable to stop scratching.

What makes Dermatographia happen?

Dermatographia can be caused by a number of different things:

  • Dermatographia is often brought on by allergies. Histamine is made when allergens like dust and pollen get into the body through the skin. This is what makes dermatographia feel like it’s itching and burning.
  • Being poisoned by something like carbon monoxide, lead, arsenic, or cyanide.
  • One rare cause is syphilis.

What are the chances of getting Dermatographia?

Not much is known about what causes this disease, but some studies show that it can be caused by Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, or certain medications. This disease is hard to treat, and most people take care of themselves.

Dermatographia is often a harmless condition that goes away on its own. It can last from a few days to a few months, and it can be caused by some diseases or medicines. The most common way for people to take care of themselves is to put cool packs on the skin where the mark is.

People can also avoid triggers, put on sunscreen, and wear clothing that protects them. Most of the time, treatments for this disease don’t work, and the side effects are horrible.

Dermatographia Treatments

Dermatographia is a very common condition. About 15% of people will have it at some point in their lives, according to estimates.

This disease can damage the skin by leaving scars, blisters, and open sores that can let bacteria or fungi in. It is often set off by something stressful or traumatic. Dermatologists and psychiatrists can both help people with with this disease.

How to Get Rid of Skin Writing?

Some natural ways to treat dermatographia are listed below:

  • Comfrey is a herb that can help with this disease. Comfrey is a plant that grows in both Europe and North America and can be used to treat health problems. As a poultice, it has been used to treat burns, bumps, and aching joints. It can also help with skin writing.
  • The itching and pain that come with this disease can be relieved by putting on 2% hydrocortisone cream.

There are other ways to treat dermatographia that work just as well:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Oil of tea tree
  • Oil from fish
  • Primrose oil
  • Borage oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Vitamins B-6, B-12, D, E